Wu, S.Y., Zhang, Z.M., Li, C.L., Chen, H.B., & Tang, S.J. 2000 [Bionomics and control techniques of Bambusaspis bambusae (Boibusae).]. Journal of Shanghai Agricultural College (China). 18(2): 118-123.

Notes: Bambusaspis bambusae infests mainly Bambusa multiplex and Bambusa multiplex var. nanna in Shanghai, China. It breeds 3 generations in one year. The peak hatching period for the first, second and third generations are the middle ten days of May, first 10 days of July and the last 10 days of August, respectively. Chemical control using Yi Bian Jing (10%), and Hua Bao and Sha Chong Su (1%) during the peak hatching period of nymphs in the first generation resulted in 100 and 95% control, respectively.