Williams, D.J. 2007a Scale insects of the families Asterolecaniidae and Eriococcidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) in New Caledonia.. Journal of Natural History 41 (21-24): 1343-1366

Notes: The scale insect families Asterolecaniidae and Eriococcidae are discussed from New Caledonia. One new genus (Oacoccus gen. nov., and a new species Oacoccus nothofagi sp. npv., on Nothofagus sp., are described in the Asterolecaniidae, and a new species Eriococcus milleri sp. nov. is described in the Eriococcidae. A new genus Rhopalotococcus gen. nov., and two new species Rhopalotococcus dugdalei sp. nov. and Rhopalotococcus metrosideri sp. nov., are also described in the Eriococcidae. Both species induce leaf galls on Metrosideros sp. Keys are provided for all the New Caledonian genera and species in the families Asterolecaniidae and Eriococcidae.