Malumphy, C.P. 2011 Barley mealybug Phenacoccus hordei (Lindeman) (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), new to Britain, with an updated key to native Phenacoccus species. Entomologist’s Gazette 62: 165–171

Notes: Phenacoccus hordei (Lindeman) is reported for the first time from Britain. It was collected from grass roots in Spurn Point, East Yorkshire, England. It is a rootfeeding species that occurs throughout Europe and is oligophagous on Poaceae, and occasionally plants in other families. Its hosts include several important crops, such as alfalfa, barley, clover, rye and wheat. It is a rare, minor pest of grasses. The geographical distribution, host range, biology and economic importance of P. hordei are reviewed; and a key provided for the identification of Phenacoccus species native to Britain.