Lit, I.L. 1997b First report of the family Lecanodiaspididae and other new records and notes on Philippine scale insects (Coccoidea, Hemiptera).. Philippine Entomologist 11: 87-95.

Notes: New records include Psoraleococcus multipori, Bambusaspis pseudomiliaris, Coccus celatus, Aulacaspis sumatrensis and Eriococcus araucariae; other species reviewed include Aclerda coganicola, Bambusaspis bambusae, Aulacaspis madiunensis, A. sumatrensis, A. tubercularis, Hemiberlesia lataniae, Eriococcus araucariae, E. philippinensis and Crypticerya jacobsoni; taxonomic notes; local distributions; hosts.