Lagowska, B., & Golan, K. 2020 An updated annotated checklist of scale insects (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, Coccomorpha) of Poland. ZooKeys 918: 65–81


  • distribution
  • list
  • Notes: A checklist of scale insects recorded to date in Poland is presented. The data provided here are based on literature records and include the latest taxonomic and nomenclatural changes and updates on Coccomorpha reported in Poland. Changes in comparison with ScaleNet and Fauna Europaea electronic databases are also discussed. A total of 185 species belonging to 98 genera and 16 families are included in the list. Of this group, 47 species are alien introduced species and live only indoors, and one species, Pulvinaria floccifera (Westwood), develops both indoors and outdoors.

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