Japoshvili, G.O., Batsankalashvili, M., Kirkitadze, G., & Kaydan, M.B. 2020 Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) on apple and neighbouring plants in Eastern Georgia (Sakartvelo). Annals of Agrarian Science 18:60–68


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  • Notes: Surveys of the scale insect fauna of East Georgia were carried out in vegetation season (from March to November) during the years 2017 and 2018. A total of fifty-five apple orchards were studied in Kartli and Kakheti regions; 7 of them in Kakheti region and 48 in Shida Kartli region (Gori, Kareli). All plants around the apple orchards were searched and checked visually. In total, 51 species of scale insects were recorded: Acanthococcidae (2 spp.), Asterolecaniidae (1 sp.), Coccidae (13 spp.), Cryptococcidae (1 sp.), Diaspididae (18 spp.), Eriococcidae (2 spp.), Kermesidae (1 sp.), and Pseudococcidae (13 spp.).