Hodgson, C.J., & Lagowska, B. 2011 New scale insect (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea) records from Fiji: three new species, records of several new invasive species and an updated checklist of Coccoidea.. Zootaxa 2766: 1-29

Notes: The adult females of three new scale insect species are described from Fiji: Crystallotesta marika Hodgson & Lagowska (Coccidae: Cardiococcinae); Paracoccus boumaensis Hodgson & Lagowska (Pseudococcidae) and Pseudaulacaspis pyrrosiae Hodgson & Lagowska (Diaspididae). The genus Crystallotesta had previously only been known from New Zealand. P. pyrrosiae is the third possibly endemic species of Pseudaulacaspis to be described from Fiji. In addition, Icerya imperatae Rao (Monophlebidae), Bambusaspis bambusae (Boisduval) and B. robusta (Green) (Asterolecaniidae), Kilifia Acuminata (Signoret) and Milviscutulus ciliatus Williams & Watson (Coccidae), and Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green), Nipaecoccus nipae (Maskell) and Phenacoccus parvus Morrison (Pseudococcidae) are recorded from Fiji for the first time. The adult female of I. imperatae is redescribed. It is considered that M. hirsutus and N. nipae could be potentially very important ecologically and economically. A complete checklist of Coccoidea known from Fiji, along with their known island distributions and host plants, is appended. We also record Pseudaulacaspis coluisuvae Williams & Watson from the Solomon Islands for the first time.