Gavrilov-Zimin, I.A. 2019 New Asterolecaniidae s.l. (Homoptera: Coccinea) from different regions of the world and some distributional records. Tropical Zoology 32: 142-154


  • dermal glands
  • description
  • diagnosis
  • distribution
  • illustration
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: A new genus and four new species of Asterolecaniidae s.l. are described and illustrated Forticauda borchsenii n. gen., n. sp. from India, Abditicoccus mystroxyloni n. sp. from South Africa, Mycetococcus sinensis n. sp. from China, and Stictacanthus sugonyaevi n. sp. from Vietnam. New data on distribution are provided for four species: Bambusaspis bambusae (Boisduval, 1869) is recorded for the first time from Indonesia (Sumatra), Hsuia cheni Borchsenius, 1969 from Laos, Pauroaspis daedalea Gavrilov-Zimin, 2013 from Thailand and Indonesia (Sumatra), and Planchonia arabidis Signoret, 1876 from Cuba.