Ben-Dov, Y. 2012 The scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of Israel—checklist, host plants, zoogeographical considerations and annotations on species. Israel Journal of Entomology 41–42:21–48

Notes: One hundred sixty-six species of scale insects in 13 families are listed from Israel, as follows: Aclerdidae-2, Asterolecaniidae-5, Coccidae-35, Diaspididae-62, Eriococcidae-4, Kermesidae-8, Lecanodiaspididae-2, Matsucoccidae-1, Micrococcidae-1, Monophlebidae-4, Phoenicococcidae-1, Pseudococcidae-40 and Putoidae-1 species. The family Aclerdidae is recorded for the first time from Israel in this study with two species, namely Aclerda berlesii Buffa, and Aclerda panica Hall. The Diaspidid-Aspidiotus hedericola Lindinger, the Eriococcid-Ovaticoccus agavium(Douglas), the Monophlebid-Icerya aegyptiaca (Douglas) and the Pseudococcid-Phenacoccus emansor Williams and Kozarzhevskaya are newly recorded from Israel. The species comprise elements of five groups, namely, Indigenous-Middle-Eastern, Afrotropical, Mediterranean, Palearctic, Cosmopolitan. Twenty species are deleted from the list.