Tanaka, H. 2016 A new genus and species of Rhizoecidae (Hemiptera, Sternorryncha, Coccomorpha) associated with Acropyga yaeyamensis (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Formicinae). ZooKeys 616:115-124


  • distribution
  • host
  • illustration
  • life history
  • structure
  • Notes: Ishigakicoccus gen. n. shimadai sp. n. is described based on the adult female morphology. This new species was found in the nest of a rare Japanese ant, Acropyga yaeyamensis Terayama & Hashimoto, 1996, in Ishigaki Is., Japan. It resembles Capitisetella migrans (Green, 1933) and Pseudorhizoecus proximus Green, 1933. However, the new species differs from those two species in having small multilocular pores, large 3-5 locular pores on the medial area of ventral abdomen, and two different-sized body setae. This new species is also the first record of a potential trophobiont of A. yaeyamensis. A key to Japanese species of Rhizoecidae is also provided.

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