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Ceroplastes actiniformis Green, 1896 (Coccidae: Ceroplastes)

Nomenclatural History

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Families: 25 | Genera: 33


Families: 1 | Genera: 1


Families: 1 | Genera: 2

Geographic Distribution

Countries: 9


  • MohammMo2013: pp.146-148 ( Adult (F) ) [Key to species and subspecies of family coccidae in Egypt]
  • PellizCa1994: pp.177 ( Adult (F) ) [Ceroplastes species of Mediterranean]
  • EzzatHu1969: pp.371 ( Adult (F) ) [Egypt]
  • Green1909a: pp.275 ( Adult (F) ) [Ceylon]


  • General Remarks: The various specimens in the BMNH from Africa labelled C. actiniformis are all misidentifications of other species in the C. rusci-group and it is considered that all published records from the Afrotropical Region are probably also misidentifications. (Hodgson & Peronti, 2012) Bodenheimer (1927) found this wax scale on introduced Phoenix canariensis, Yucca whippleri and Pritchardia flifera at the acclimatization garden in Tel Aviv. Ben Dov (2012) has not collected it until the present, and assumes that it has not been established in Israel.