Family Serafinidae

Serafinus Koteja


Serafinus Koteja, 2008: 48. Type species: Serafinus acutipterus Koteja, by monotypy and original designation.

GENERAL REMARKS: Description and definition by Koteja (2008).

SYSTEMATICS: (Serafinus was introduced as type genus of the family Serafinidae, in the group of Orthezioidea (Koteja, 2008). The male of type genus is alate.

KEYS: Koteja 2008: 24 (male) [Baltic amber archeococcoid genera].

CITATIONS: Koteja2008 [taxonomy, description: 47-50].

Serafinus acutipterus Koteja


Serafinus acutipterus Koteja, 2008: 48. Type data: BALTIC AMBER: alate male holotype and paratype, embeded in Baltic amber. Holotype male. Type depository: Krakow: Institute of Systematic and Experimental Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; type no. 1269. Described: male. Illust.

GENERAL REMARKS: Description and illustration of adult male by Koteja (2008).

SYSTEMATICS: This species was described from the alate male holotype, paratype and two additional inclusions all in Baltic amber (Koteja, 2008).

CITATIONS: HodgsoHa2013 [phylogeny, taxonomy: 799]; Koteja2008 [taxonomy, description, illustration, distribution: 47-50].