Family Lebanococcidae

Lebanococcus Koteja & Azar


Lebanococcus Koteja & Azar, 2008: 142. Type species: Lebanococcus longiventris Koteja & Azar, by original designation.

GENERAL REMARKS: Description and definition by Koteja & Azar (2008).

SYSTEMATICS: The genus Lebanococcus is the type genus of the family Lebanococcidae Koteja & Azar, 2008. Koteja & Azar (2008) defined the family: Male Archeococcids with compound eyes; triangular scutellum; very short, 8-segmented antennae, with short setae on all joints, antennal bristles and knobbed setae on apical joint; large mesosternum with well developed medial ridge; legs short, with several knobbed tarsal digitules, claw without denticle and digitules; wing oval, alar lobe protruding, finely sculptured, subcostal ridge narrow, reaching 2/3 wing length, traces of pterostigma recognizable, cubital ridge reduced, anterior flexing patch present, posterior one absent; abdomen cylindrical, tapering, of telescopic structure; Penial sheath tubular. Diagnosis of the genus (Koteja & Azar, 2008): Small archeococcid, with compound eyes inserted laterally; well developed triangular middorsal and midventral plates; short, 8-segmented antennae, all antennal joints subequal in length, with short setae, apical joint with antennal bristles and knobbed setae; transversely oval prescutum, solid scutum, triangular scutellum, mesopostnotum separated from scutellum by a large membrane; mesosternum with medial ridge; legs short, tarsus 1/3 the length of tibia, with 5 knobbed digitules, claw small without denticle and digitules; wing oval, narrow at base, but with a well developed alar lobe, membranous, finely sculptured, subcostal ridge reaching 2/3 wing length, hypodermal pterostigma hardly recognizable, cubital ridge apparently reduced, anterior flexing membrane present, posterior absent; abdomen cylindrical, narrow, tapered, with 6 well defined segments arranged telescopically and a conspicuous peculiar terminal tube.

KEYS: Koteja & Azar 2008: 135 (male) [Lebanese amber inclusions].

CITATIONS: KotejaAz2008 [taxonomy, description: 142-146, 133-167].

Lebanococcus longiventris Koteja & Azar


Lebanococcus longiventris Koteja & Azar, 2008: 142. Type data: LEBANON: Lower Cretaceous, Mdeyrij/Hammana, Caza Baabda, Mouhafazet Jabal Loubnan (Central Lebanon). Holotype male. Type depository: Paris: Museum National d'Histoire naturelle, France; type no. HAM140C. Described: male. Illust.

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic: Lebanon [KotejaAz2008].

GENERAL REMARKS: Description and illustration of alate male by Koteja & Azar (2008).

SYSTEMATICS: This species was described from the holotype, alate male inclusion in Lower Cretaceous Lebanese amber (Koteja & Azar, 2008).

CITATIONS: HodgsoHa2013 [phylogeny, taxonomy: 799]; KotejaAz2008 [taxonomy, description, illustration, distribution: 142-146].