Family Albicoccidae

Albicoccus Koteja


Albicoccus Koteja, 2004: 111-112. Type species: Albicoccus dismai Koteja, by original designation.

GENERAL REMARKS: Description and definition by Koteja (2004).

STRUCTURE: Archeococcids with horizontal lateral rows of simple eyes; 10-segmented antennae. Large pedicel; rectangular prescutum, heart-shaped scutellum; hyaline wings, pterostigma lacking with two pairs of long caudal setae; a long penial sheath consisting of distinct basal capsule and stylus.

SYSTEMATICS: Occuring in the Lower Cretaceous (Upper Albian), Myanmar (Burma).

KEYS: Koteja 2008: 24 (male) [Baltic amber archeococcoid genera].

CITATIONS: Koteja2004 [taxonomy, description: 111-112].

Albicoccus dimai Koteja


Albicoccus dimai Koteja, 2004: 111-112. Type data: BALTIC AMBER: Male holotype, embedded in Myanmar (Burmese) amber from Hukawng Valley, Northern Myanmar. Holotype male. Type depository: London: The Natural History Museum, England, UK. Described: male. Illust.

GENERAL REMARKS: Description and illustration in Koteja, 2004.

SYSTEMATICS: Minute. Simple eyes forming two horizontal marginal rows, each consisting of four ommatidia and an ocullus. Head sclerites difficult to identify.

CITATIONS: Koteja2008 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 34-37].