Zou, Y., Chinta, S.P., & Millar, J.G. 2013 Irregular Terpenoids as Mealybug and Scale Pheromones: Chemistry and Applications. Pest Management with Natural Products American Chemical Society Washington, D.C. 125-143

Notes: Mealybugs are widely distributed pests of numerous agricultural crops and ornamental plants. In addition to causing direct damage, they are known vectors of plant pathogens such as grape leafroll viruses. The identification and several alternate syntheses of the irregular terpenoid pheromones of three important mealybug species (obscure, longtailed, and grape mealybugs) are described, along with the development of practical applications of the pheromones for detection and monitoring of these major pests. A stereoselective synthesis of the sex pheromone of an invasive species, the passionvine mealybug, and identification and synthesis of the sex pheromone of a closely related species, the invasive scale Acutaspis albopicta, also are described.