Zhou, L., Sheng, H.B., Yang, M.G., & Liu, J.L. 2003 [The integrated management for the main jujube pests and diseases in Henan province.]. China Fruits No. 2: 42-43,50.

Notes: In Henan province the main diseases of jujube are Macrophoma kawatsukai, Phakopsora ziziphi-vulgaris and jujube witch-broom disease (MLO); the main pests are Chihu zao, Ancylis sativa, Zeuzera sp. and Ceroplastes japonicus. The damage caused by such diseases and pests are described and their integrated management is discussed. For control of Ceroplastes japonicus the best method is spraying 1500-2000 times solution of 25% buprofezin.