Wang, H., Zhao, R., Zhao, X., Zhang, H.W., Cao, X., Khan, L.U., & Huang, X. 2022 Transmission of Areca Palm Velarivirus 1 by Mealybugs Causes Yellow Leaf Disease in Betel Palm (Areca catechu). Phytopathology 112(3): 700–707


  • virus transmission
  • Notes: This work showed that APV1 was transmitted by both Ferrisia virgata and Pseudococcus cryptus mealybugs and caused YLD symptoms in betel palm seedlings; therefore, we demonstrate that APV1 is a causal agent of YLD. APV1 was detected in the stylets, foreguts, midguts, and hindguts of the vectors via both immunocapture reverse transcription PCR and immunofluorescence assays. APV1 was not transmitted transovarially from viruliferous female F. virgata to their progeny.