Zhang, Q.B., Wang, D.W., & Chen, B.Q. 1993 [A study on the bionomics of Chilocorus hupehanus Miyatake.]. Entomological Knowledge 30: 3; 171-174.

Notes: The morphology of the different stages, life history and population dynamics of the coccinellid Chilocorus hupehanus, an important natural enemy of armoured scale insects in Sichuan, Hubei and Fujian, China, are described from observations in Sichuan in 1986-89, including its effects on the diaspidid Unaspis yanonensis. Other species preyed on included Pseudaulacaspis pentagona, Aulacaspis crawi and Eriococcus kaki [Acanthococcus kaki]. On the 46th and 65th days following release of C. hupehanus at ratios to U. yanonensis of 1:200-1:400, the diaspidid population density decreased by 73.69-92.16 and 87.42-94.36%, resp., while the predator population increased to 1354.8 and 1482.25%, resp.