Yang, P.Z., Li, K., Sun, Y.Y., & Chen, Y.Q. 2005 [A study on afforestation and utilization of kusum as a lac host.]. Forest Research 18(2): 204-208.

Notes: A study was conducted on the sowing technology, afforestation, branch utilization and biological characteristics of Schleichera oleosa as lac (Kerria lacca) host. The results showed that seed germination rate could be increased by removing the capsule. Seedlings were raised in March and planted at the beginning of monsoon (June and the first 10 days of July) in Yunnan Province, China. The land suitable for the tree should be deep and loose soil, and good drainage condition such as in the mid- and low area of hillside. Afforestation effect could be better if the tree was planted at the south side of the hill. Young sapling could grow better with scarification, weeding and fertilizer application. S. oleosa was the best host tree for K. lacca and the output of lac was stable during winter and summer. It was also a favourable tree species for keeping brood and producing lac.