Xie, Y.P., Xue, J.L., Zhang, Y.F., & Zheng, L.Y. 2004a [A review on waxy secretions of scale insects and their chemical composition.]. Entomological Knowledge 41(6): 512-518.

Notes: The waxy secretions of scale insects (Homoptera: Coccoidea) and their chemical composition are reviewed. The contents include: the main types of the wax covers of the scale insect; the major methods used for studying the chemistry of waxy secretions; the species of the scale insects whose waxes have been studied; the main chemical composition such as waxes, hydrocarbons, resinous materials or terpenoids, pigments and interior honeydew are emphasized. Finally, the significance and application prospects of the waxes of scale insects are discussed in three aspects, such as to further develop the waxes of the scale insects as an important biological resource; to search for some new pesticides active against the scale insects; to develop biological control through application of some chemical components as infochemicals for inducing the natural enemies and to study the chemical classification of the scale insects by using the waxes as chemical characters.