Wysoki, M., Israeli, Y., & Rosen, D. 1995 The oriental red scale, Aonidiella orientalis (Newstead) (Diaspididae): biology, phenology, geographic distribution and natural enemies in Israel (Abstract only).. Israel Journal of Entomology 29: 267.

Notes: Relatively new pest in Israel; first recorded on mango in 1980 in the Arava Valley; now occurs north and is established throughout mango-growing regions of Israel and also occurs on olive, guava, feijoa, and acacia; description of damage; natural enemies include parasitoids Comperiella bifasciata, Habrolepis aspidioti, Aphytis melinus, A. lingnanensis and Encarsia sp., hyperparasitoids Marietta javensis, Ablerus guadrii, and Zaomma n. sp. near Carinae, predators Stethorus gilvifrons, Chilocorus bipustulatus and Chrysoperla carnea, and parasitic mite Hemisarcoptes coccophagus.