Wu, S.A. 1999b Homoptera: Coccoidea.. The Fauna and Taxonomy of Insects in Henan. Vol. 4. Insects of the Mountains Funiu and Dabie Regions. China Agricultural Scientech Press Beijing 415 pp.


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  • Notes: Six families, 21 genera and 32 species of the superfamily Coccoidea, mainly collected from Baotianman Nature Reserve and Huangshian Forest Area, are reported in this paper. Among them, six species from the Pseudococcidae family are described as new to science and six species are recorded from China for the first time. Species included are Allotrionymus calamagrostis, Antonina crawii, A. tesquorum, Aspidiotus japonica, Aulacaspis rosarum, Balanococcus agrostis, B. caucasicus, Chrysomphalus bifasciatus, Crisicoccus myrmecophilus, Drosicha corpulenta, Dysmicococcus henanensis, D. multivorus, Fiorinia japonica, Kermes sp., Lepidosaphes sp., Neotrionymus borchsenii, N. cynodontis, Orthezia urticae, Phenacoccus incertus, P. interruptus, P. pennisectus, P. solani, Pseudaonidia duplex, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona, P. prunicola, Rhizococcus orientalis, R. rugosus, Saccharicoccus penium, Trionymus henanensis, T. rangi, T. thulensis and Unaspis euonymi.