Williams, D.J., & Martin, J.H. 2005 An account of the Pacific mealybug genus Laminicoccus Williams (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae).. Zootaxa 804: 1-12.

Notes: The Pacific mealybug genus Laminicoccus Williams is reviewed. At present six species are assigned to the genus including a new species, Laminicoccus samoanus sp. nov., described from Western Samoa. Most of the host-plant records of these mealybugs are from monocotyledons and many of the species seem to prefer plants belonging to the families Arecaceae, Pandanaceae, and Poaceae. One or two host-plant records, nevertheless, are from dicotyledons. A key to species of Laminicoccus is provided. The mealybug Pseudococcus pandanicola Takahashi, described originally from Palau, had been included in Laminicoccus but is here reassigned to Pseudococcus and redescribed.