Williams, D.J. 2017 Two junior homonyms in the scale insect family Pseudococcidae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha, Coccomorpha) and a correction. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 153: 129–130


  • taxonomy
  • Notes: In a systematic and cladistic account of the scale insect genus Phenacoccus Cockerell of Central and South America (Granara de Willink & Szumik, 2007), the authors discuss 42 species with full descriptions and full-page illustrations, and provide a key to separate the species.There are 18 species described as new, and these names are already in print and in ScaleNet, an online database of the scale insets (García et al., 2016). Two of the new species were described with names that are junior homonyms and require replacement names.