Williams, D.J. 2007b Carl Linnaeus and his scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea).. Zootaxa 1668: 427-490

Notes: Carl Linnaeus named 22 species of scale insects in the genus Coccus, another in the genus Aphis, and one other probably unintentionally. All are redescribed and discussed. It is established that Coccus betulae L. is a nomen nudum and that the name was validly described later by Fabricius. A brief history of Linnaeus’ collection is summarised and his scale insect collection described. Linnaeus’ descriptions of scale insects are here translated into English and all the references to scale insect literature cited by Linnaeus are listed in bibliographical form and annotated. Lectotypes are designated for the species names Coccus aonidum Linnaeus, Aphis urticae Linnaeus and Coccus uvaeursi Linnaeus. One species, Coccus phalaridis, is here considered incertae sedis. Coccus pilosellae is recognised as a syn.nov. of Porphyrophora polonica (L.). Coccus rusci is recognised as Ceroplastes rusci (L.), not Columnea rusci.