Williams, D.J. 2004 A synopsis of the subterranean mealybug genus Neochavesia Williams and Granara de Willink (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae: Rhizoecinae).. Journal of Natural History 38(22): 2883-2899.

Notes: The neotropical mealybug genus Neochavesia, associated with the ant genus Acropyga Roger, is discussed and placed in the tribe Xenococcini on the bases that it lacks dorsal ostioles, the distal end of the circulus is depressed and cup-shaped, and the third-instar female is a pupa. These are characters shared by Xenococcus Silvestri and Eumyrmococcus Silvestri, also in the tribe Xenococcini, and differ from those in the tribe Rhizoecini, the other tribe in the subfamily Rhizoecinae. Two new species, Neochavesia iwokramae sp. nov. and N. lapollai sp. nov., are described from Guyana, and the female pupal instar and adult male of N. lapollai and the adult male of N. caldasiae (Balachowsky) are described and illustrated. A key to adult females is provided.