Williams, D.J. 2002b IV. The mealybug tribe Allomyrmococcini and its association with herdsman ants of the genus Dolichoderus in southern Asia.. Herdsmen Ants and their Mealybug Partners, Band 557 Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft 373 pp.

Notes: The purpose of this chapter is to name, describe and illustrate the mealybug species discussed in the other sections of this work. The tribe Allomyrmococcini is placed in the subfamily Pseudococcinae. The only mealybugs that could be confused with the Allomyrmococcini in southern Asia are in the hypogeic genera Eumyrmococcus Silvestri and Xenococcus Silvestri, associated with the ant genus Acropyga Roger. Topics discussed in relation to this tribe include habit and economic importance, life cycles, morphology, and list of genera and species. The species listed are Allomyrmococcus acariformis, Archeomyrmococcus dolichoderi, new sp., Bolbococcus oresbius, new sp., B. sabahanus, new sp., Borneococcus bauensis, new sp., B. calvescens, new sp., B. pastorius, new sp., Dicranococcus apiensis, new sp., D. montanus, new sp., D. sabahensis, new sp., Dicranococcus storki, new sp., Doryphorococcus lentiginosus, new sp., Hippeococcus bundericus, new sp. H. rappardi, new sp., H. wegnari, new sp., Malaicoccus cameronensis, new sp., M. clavulatus, new sp., M. eastopi, new sp., M. formicarii, M. khooi, M. kubahensis, new sp., M. maschwitzi, new sp., M. moundi, M. pilulosus, new sp., M. poringensis, new sp., M. riouwensis, M. sarawakensis, new sp., M. sumatranus, new sp., M. takahashii, M. tapahensis, new sp., M. tiomanensis, new sp., Paramyrmococcus chiengraiensis, P. vietnamensis, Promyrmococcus dilli, new sp., P. wayi, new sp., and Thaimyrmococcus daviesi, new sp.