Wen, H.C., Lu, F.M., Hao, H.H., & Liou, T.D. 2002 [Insects pests and their injuries and control on longan in Southern Taiwan.]. Journal of Agricultural Research of China 51(3): 56-64.

Notes: Surveys of insects and other pests on longan were carried out from 1996 to 2001 in southern Taiwan. A total of 59 species of insect pests and 18 species, including two species of mites and two species of snails, were found to be new records in Taiwan. Among them, the mango aphid (Greenidea mangiferae), litchi fruit borer (Conopomorpha sinensis), longan psyllid (Neophacopteron auporine), kerria insect or lac insect (Kerria lacca), pink wax scale (Ceroplastes rubens) and termite (Odontotermes formosanus) were considered as economically important. This report describes the symptom of their injuries and percentage of infestation. Chemical trails showed that 90% methomyl WP, 80% fenthion EC, 3% carbosulfan G and 5% fonofos G, and 40.8% chlorpyrifos EC were very effective for controlling longan psyllid, litchi fruit borer, lac insect, and termites, respectively.