Wei, Y.H., Zheng, S.Z., Cai, P., Zhan, G.H., & Gao, Y. 2015 Comparison of methods for extracting and preserving the DNA of adult Pseudococcidae specimens. Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology 52(4): 925-932


  • DNA
  • DNA sequencing
  • Notes: Genomic Phenacoccus solenopsis DNA from either fresh living adult specimens, or those that had been preserved for over 1 year in 100% ethanol at﹣20℃, or 100% ethanol at 4℃, was extracted using four methods; CTAB, SDS, GenMagBio kit and GeneJET kit, and the quality and purity of the extracted genomic DNA compared. The best quality genomic DNA was obtained from fresh living specimens.