Watson, G.W., Ouvrard, D., Kasina, M., Achieng, J.C., Githae, M., Mulwa, J., Kinuthia, W., Macharia, I., & Heya, H. 2021 New scale insect country records for Kenya (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) from old samples in insect collections. African Phytosanitary Journal 2(1)(2020): 72-104


  • distribution
  • Notes: Scale insects from Kenya, found in samples between 13 and 107 years old, were studied in the insect collections of the Natural History Museum, London, U.K. and the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation, Nairobi, Kenya. The study identified 51 new country records of scale insects including one new continental record for Africa, Ferrisia dasylirii (Cockerell)