Watson, G.W. 2002a Arrthropods of Economic Importance: Diaspididae of the World. (Series Title: World Biodiversity Database).. ETI Information Services (Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification) Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • biology
  • diagnosis
  • ecology
  • economic importance
  • host distribution
  • key
  • natural enemies
  • Notes: [Published in collaboration with UNESCO Publishing, Paris, France.] This CD-ROM holds an interactive identification guide and information source on economically important diaspidids of the world for all applied entomologists working in agriculture, forestry and horticulture, as well as in plant protection and quarantine. It contains a pictorial key to approximately 200 species, detailed information on their taxonomy (including illustrations of diagnostic characters), and information on their life histories, host plants, and distribution. Notes on related non-pest species and diagnostic characters to distinguish them from economically important species are also included. This work was compiled using the most recent literature from the best experts in the field and using unique photographs provided by numerous institutes around the world. The CD-ROM is available for free at https://diaspididae.linnaeus.naturalis.nl/linnaeus_ng/app/views/introduction/topic.php?id=3377&epi=155