Watson, G.W. 1997 The Role of Taxonomy i Biological Control, with Special Reference to Insects.. Prosiding Kongres Perhimpunan Entomolgy Indonesia V 1-6

Notes: Taxonomy tends to be regarded as a dry, academic discipline of little relevance to field biologists, except as a source of names for the organisms being studies. Workers in agriculture and plant quarantine inspection appreciate that accurate identification of a pest insect gives them access to relevant information published on the pest. However, in applied entomology, where natural enemies may be exploited to regulate the population of a pest, accurate identification and systematic knowledge are crucial. Several examples, mostly involving classical biological control of pests in Homoptera: Sternorrhyncha, are used to illustrate the ways in which use of systematic knowledge can contribute to the success of control programmes, and the consequences of inaccurate identifications to such programmes. The role of systematics in the development of sustainable pest management is discussed.