Watanabe, M.A., Tambasco, F.J, Costa, V.A., & Nardo, E.A.B. Facanali, R., & Nardo, E.A.B. 2000 FlutuaƧao populacional de cochonilhas de carapaca na cultura de citros em municipios paulistas. [Population dynamics of some armored scales in citrus trees in different Sao Paulo State localities, Brazil].. Laranja 21(1): 49-64.

Notes: Species identified in infested leaves were sampled fortnightly or monthly, depending on the locality, in Sao Paulo State, Brazil in 1997. The species found were: Selenaspidus articulatus (dominant in all orchards), Parlatoria ziziphi, Mycetaspis personata, Cornuaspis beckii and Chrysomphalus ficus [Chrysomphalus aonidum]. Rates of parasitism and mortality were evaluated for S. articulatus. Populations of S. articulatus remained above the economic damage level (10 scales/leaf) during most months of the year, and in most localities.