Wang, T. 1994 [Economic insect fauna of China: Homoptera: Coccoidea: Coccidae, Asterolecaniidae, Lecanodiaspididae, Cerococcidae, Aclerdidae.]. Vol. 43. Science Press Beijing, P. R. China 302 pp.


  • biology
  • control
  • distribution
  • economic importance
  • evolution
  • morphology
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: Abstract: Review of 131 species from 43 families; key to 19 families; taxonomy; distributions; morphology; biology; evolution; economic importance; control techniques; detailed information on preserving specimens; 26-page bibliography. Taxa covered include Aclerda, Aclerdidae, Asterococcus, Asterodiaspis, Asterolecaniidae, Asterlecanium, Bambusaspis, Cerococcidae, Cerococcus, Ceroplastes, Ceroplastinae, Ceroplastodes, Chloropulvinaria, Coccidae, Coccinae, Coccini, Coccus, Cosmococcus, Dicyphococcus, Didesmococcus, Eriopeltis, Eulecanium, Filippinae, Hsuia, Lecanodiaspididae, Lecanodiaspis, Lecanopsis, Luzulaspis, Neoasterodiaspis, Nipponaclerda, Paralecanium, Parasaissetia, Parapulvinaria, Psoraleococcus, Pulvinaria, Pulvinarini, Rhodococcus and Saissetia.