Wang, L.Y. 1982 [Control of Matsucoccus massonianae Young et Hu (Hom.: Margarodidae) by Leis axyridis (Pallas).. Natural Enemies of Insects 4(4): 37-39.

Notes: The effectiveness of the coccinellid Harmonia axyridis (Pall.) (Leis axyridis) in controlling Matsucoccus massonianae Young & Hu was evaluated in a pine plantation in Jin County, Zhejiang Province, China, in 1980-81. In the laboratory, a single adult predator ate 146 607.7 eggs, 140 nymphs, 123.3 male pupae and 58.2 adult females of the scale insect. Release of 50 coccinellid larvae per tree gave 88% control, while that of 100 eggs per tree gave 80% control. Various methods of releasing the predator are discussed.