Wakgari, W.M., & Giliomee, J.H. 2004b Mealybugs and their parasitoids in apple and pear orchards in the Western Cape Province, South Africa.. African Plant Protection 10(1): 7-11.

Notes: A survey of mealybug species infesting apples and pears in the Western Cape Province, South Africa, was carried out during the 2003 production season to determine if any endemic species that would be of quarantine significance were present. Only three cosmopolitan species, Pseudococcus viburni, Pseudococcus longispinus and Pseudococcus calceolariae, were recorded. P. viburni was the predominant species identified on apples and both P. viburni and P. longispinus occurred in comparable abundance on pears. Five primary hymenopteran parasitoid species were reared from P. viburni on apples. Pseudectroma sp. was the predominant parasitoid species recovered, accounting for 84.3 % of the total number of primary parasitoids reared. No predators were recovered from infested apple fruit.