Villa, C., Sanquer, E., Bourgouin, B., Jules, J., Kreiter, P., & Germain, J.-F. Pseudococcus ssp. (Hemiptera Pseudococcidae) Sur Pommier synthese Pluriannuelle [Pseudococcus ssp. (Hemiptera Pseudococcidae) on Apple Tree: results on Several Years.]. AFPP - Le Cochenilles: Favageur Prindipal ou Secondaire Montpellier


  • biological control
  • chemical control
  • Notes: Originally diversified, the Pseudococcus spp caused damage in apple orchards of southern France in the early 2000s. A broad collaboration of research, experimentation, and professional organizations for development has to address different ways of action: testing of pesticides, biological control. This document reports the work done from 2007 to 2010.