Viggiani, G. 1970a Les cochenilles des agrumes en Italie et les problèmes se rapportant aux moyens de les combattre. [Citrus scale insects in Italy and their damage and control problems].. Al Awamia 37: 47-55.

Notes: [Conference held in Morocco 26 to 31 October 1970, O.I.L.B., Groupe de Travail "Cochenilles des Agrumes".] Review of a project to control Planococcus citri. Other citrus scale insects recorded in Italy include Aonidiella aurantii, Aspidiotus hederae, Ceroplastes sinensis, Chrysomphalus dictyospermi, Coccus hesperidum, Lepidosaphes beckii, L. gloverii, Parlatoria zizyphi, Pericerya purchasi, Planococcus citri, Pseudococcus adonidum, P. fragilis, Pulvinaria floccifera and Saissetia oleae.