Velasquez, F.J. 1971 Some Philippine armored scale insects of the tribe Aspidiotini (Diaspididae, Homoptera).. Philippine Entomologist 2(2): 89-153.

Notes: The description, illustration, host plants and distribution of the following species of Diaspididae in the Philippines are given: Aspidiotus excisus Green, A. coryphae Cockerell & Robinson, Aspidiotus philippinensis n.sp., A. destructor Signoret, Hemiberlesia lataniae (Signoret), H. palmae (Cockerell), H. cyanophylli (Signoret), Aonidiella comperei McKenzie, A. orientalis (Newstead), A. aurantii (Maskell), A. citrina (Coquillet), A. taxus Leonardi, A. inornata McKenzie, Chrysomphalus ficus Ashmead, C. dictyospermi (Morgan) and C. nulliporus McKenzie.