Vea, I.M. 2014 Morphology of the males of seven species of Ortheziidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea). American Museum Novitates (New York) 3812:1-36

Notes: Because adult male Coccoidea rarely live more than three or four days, they are seldom collected and their morphology has been little studied. Therefore, the systematics of the Coccoidea is dependent on the morphology of the paedomorphic adult female. A good example is the family Ortheziidae, in which the males of only four extant and three fossil taxa are known among more than 200 species. The present work provides descriptions of the male morphology of seven further species: Graminorthezia graminis (Tinsley), Insignorthezia insignis (Browne), Newsteadia americana Morrison, Orthezia annae Cockerell, O. newcomeri Morrison, and Praelongorthezia praelonga (Douglas), as well as another belonging to an undetermined genus. The males of three additional genera are added to the previous literature on male Ortheziidae, providing significantly better sampling of male morphological variation within this family. Variation among genera confirms the latest classification of Kozár, in which Graminorthezia, Insignorthezia, and Praelongorthezia are separated from Orthezia. The use of confocal microscopy for the study of uncleared slide preparations is discussed as it allowed better visibility of macrostructures, although minute structures such as pores could not be thoroughly observed. An identification key to the species of known male Ortheziidae is included.

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