Vayssières, J.-F., Grechi, I., Sinzogan, A., Ouagoussounon, I., Todjihoundé, R., Modjibou, S., Tossou, J.-C., Adandonon, A., Kikissagbé, C., Tamò, M., Goergen, G., Chailleux, A., Germain, J.-F., & Adomou, A. 2021 Host plants and associated trophobionts of the weaver ant Oecophylla longinoda Latreille (Hymenoptera Formicidae) in Benin. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 2021:1–15.


  • ant association
  • Notes: Among trophobionts, Parasaissetia nigra, Udinia catori, Udinia farquharsoni (Coccidae) and Stictococcus sjostedti (Stictococcidae) were the most common with Oecophylla longinoda.