Useinov, R., Galchinsky, N., Yatskova, E., Novikov, I., Puzanova, Y., Trikoz, N., Sharmagiy, A., Plugatar, Y., Laikova, K., & Oberemok, V. 2020 To bee or not to bee: creating DNA insecticides to replace non-selective organophosphate insecticides for use against the soft scale insect Ceroplastes japonicus Green. Journal of Plant Protection Research 60(4): 406–409


  • control
  • Notes: In this short communication describing experiments carried out on the larvae of Ceroplastes japonicus Green (feeding on Ilex aquifolium Linnaeus), we show for the first time the enormous potential for the use of DNA insecticides in the control of soft scale insects and how they could replace non-selective organophosphate insecticides.