Unruh, C.M., & Gullan, P.J. 2008b Identification guide to species in the scale insect tribe Iceryini (Coccoidea: Monophlebidae).. Zootaxa 1803: 1-106

Notes: We recently revised the scale insect tribe Iceryini (Coccoidea: Monophlebidae) based on a molecular phylogenetic hypothesis and supporting morphological evidence. As a result of this revision, we proposed new generic concepts that required significant reorganization of species in three of the five iceryine genera: Crypticerya Cockerell, Gigantococcus Pesson & Bielenin and Icerya Signoret. The other two genera, Echinicerya Morrison and Gueriniella Fernald, remain unchanged. Here we discuss taxonomic characters important for iceryine identification and provide a comprehensive review of all described iceryine species. We include keys to the genera and to the species of each genus of Iceryini based on features of the adult females. We present new diagnoses for all the species for which type material was available for examination and summarize original descriptions for species for which we were unable to examine material. We designate lectotypes for the following species names (valid name given in parentheses): Llaveia abrahami Newstead (C. abrahami), Icerya brasiliensis Hempel (C. brasiliensis), Icerya colimensis Cockerell (C. colimensis), Icerya genistae Hempel (C. genistae), Icerya (Crypticerya) littoralis Cockerell (C. littoralis), Icerya littoralis mimosae Cockerell (C. littoralis), Icerya littoralis tonilensis Cockerell (C. littoralis), Crypticerya rosae mexicana Cockerell & Parrott (C. mexicana), Icerya minima Morrison (C. minima), Icerya montserratensis Riley & Howard (C. montserratensis), Palaeococcus morrilli Cockerell (C. morrilli), Icerya palmeri Riley & Howard (C. palmeri), Icerya rileyi Cockerell (C. rileyi), Icerya rileyi larreae Cockerell (C. rileyi), Steatococcus tabernicolus Ferris (C. tabernicola), Icerya (Crypticerya) townsendi Cockerell (C. townsendi), Icerya (Crypticerya) townsendi plucheae Cockerell (C. townsendi), Icerya zeteki Cockerell (C. zeteki), Icerya seychellarum albolutea Cockerell (Gi. alboluteus), Crypticerya bicolor DeLotto (Gi. bicolor), Icerya brachystegiae Newstead (Gi. brachystegiae), Palaeococcus cajani Newstead (Gi. cajani), Palaeococcus caudata Newstead (Gi. caudatus), Icerya euphorbiae Brain (Gi. euphorbiae), Aspidoproctus gowdeyi Newstead (Gi. gowdeyi), Icerya longisetosa Newstead (Gi. longisetosus), Icerya nigroareolata Newstead (Gi. nigroareolatus), Icerya sulfurea pattersoniNewstead (Gi. pattersoni), Palaeococcus theobromae Newstead (Gi. theobromae), Crossotosoma aegyptiacum Douglas (I. aegyptiaca), Icerya rosae australis Maskell (I. australis), Icerya crocea Green (I. crocea), Icerya formicarum Newstead (I. formicarum), Icerya jacobsoni Green (I. jacobsoni), Icerya koebelei Maskell (I. koebelei), Icerya minor Green (I. minor), Icerya (Crypticerya) nuda Green (I. nuda), Icerya nudata Maskell (I. nudata), Icerya hyperici Froggatt (I. nudata), Palaeococcus dymocki Froggatt (I. nudata), Icerya pilosa Green (I. pilosa), Icerya purchasi citriperda Hempel (I. purchasi), Icerya purchasi crawii Cockerell (I. purchasi), Icerya purchasi maskelli Cockerell (I. purchasi), and Icerya schrottkyi Hempel (I. schrottkyi).

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