Ülgentürk, S., Kaydan, M.B., Kozár, F., & Ben-Dov, Y. 2013 Türkiye’de meşelerde görülen Coccoidea (Hemiptera) türleri [Cocoidea Species (Hemiptera) on oaks in Turkey]. Turkiye III. Entomoloji Kongresi Bildirileri 3(1): 13-31


  • distribution
  • host
  • illustration
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: Coccoidea species (Hemiptera) on oak trees were collected from forest and urban areae in different part of Turkey. Some minor coccoid species and four new records of Turkish scale insect fauna (namely Asterodiaspis hadzibeyliae Borchsenius, A. repugnans (Russell) (Asterolecanidae), Eulecanium cerasorum (Cockerell) (Coccidae) and Puto israiliensis Ben-Dov) (Pseudococcidae) were represented with their host plant, distribution in Turkey and in the World. In addition coccoid species that were recorded previous were listed with information about host plant, distribution and references. The number of Coccoids on oaks reachs 40 with last new records.