Ülgentürk, S., Çanakçioğlu, H., & Kaygin, A.T. 2004 Scale insects of the conifer trees in Turkey and their zoogeographical distribution.. Journal of Pest Science 77(2): 99-104.

Notes: In Turkey, 25 species of Coccoidea (Homoptera) are recorded on Conifera tree species. The family Diaspididae has 15, Coccidae 6, Pseudococcidae three, and Margarodidae one species. Specifically, Dynaspidiotus spp. are recorded on Abies, Cedrus, Picea and Pinus; Leucaspis spp. on Pinus spp.; Carulaspis spp. on Biota, Cupressus, Juniperus and Thuja; Lepidosaphes spp. on Abies, Biota, Juniperus and Picea; Coccus spp. on Abies, Cedrus and Pinus; and Planococcus spp. on Cupressus, Juniperus and Pinus species. Acanthomytilus cedricola is recorded only on Cedrus spp.; Physokermes piceae on Abies and Picea species; and Marchalina hellenica only on Pinus species. Two species are native, five are Cosmopolitan, 15 are Palaearctic, and three are of Mediterranean origin.