Ülgentürk, S., & Çanakçioğlu, H. 2004 Scale insect pests on ornamental plants in urban habitats in Turkey.. Journal of Pest Science 77(2): 79-84.

Notes: Ornamental plants play an increasingly important role in urban habitats in Turkey. Scale insects are a serious pest group that attack ornamental plants. In this study, a total of 67 species of Coccoidea belonging to 7 families, which are harmful to ornamental plants, are given in Tables 1, 2, and 3. These tables are based on the author's data and on bibliographic sources. The most numerous families are Diaspididae (11). Coccidae (23), Pseudococcidae (7), Eriococcidae (3) and the Margarodidae, Kermesidae and Astereolecaniidae (1). Twenty-one of these species are harmful to flowering, fruit and deciduous trees, 5 species are harmful to conifers, while 15 species are important orchard pests. Their hosts and distributions are also taken into consideration.