Tsai, T., & Wu, W.J. 2011 A new Chorizococcus species (Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae) from Taiwan with transferring of Chorizococcus mirzayansi Moghaddam to genus Spilococcus Ferris. ZooKeys 103:27–40

Notes: A new mealybug species, Chorizococcus zoysiae sp. n., feeding on Zoysia tenuifolia (Poaceae), is described from Taiwan. Adult female, third-instar female, second-instar female and first-instar nymph were described and illustrated in this article. Keys are provided to (a) separate this new species from similar species of Chorizococcus and those of same genus on zoysia grasses and (b) to identify instars of the new species. In addition, Ch. mirzayansi Moghaddam is transferred to the genus Spilococcus as S. mirzayansi (Moghaddam), comb. n.

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