Tsacas, L., & Chassagnard, M.T. 1999 [Afrotropical species of the subgenus Gitonides Kalb of the genus Cacoxenus Loew with larvae predatory on mealybugs (Diptera: Drosophilidae).]. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 35(1): 91-121.

Notes: [Original title: Les espèces afrotropicales du sous-genre Gitonides Knab du genre Cacoxenus Loew à larves prédatrices de cochenilles (Diptera: Drosophilidae).] The four subgenera and the 23 species of the genus Cacoxenus Loew were reexamined. The study of the Afrotropical species of the subgenus Gitonides Knab has been undertaken. Four species were previously known as belonging to this subgenus and two others were considered as synonyms of perspicax. Cacoxenus asiaticus, an oriental species, is transferred from the subgenus Paracacoxenus Hardy to the subgenus Gitonides. A study of material from this genus revealed eight new species which are placed in two new species groups: the apidoxenus group (coccidoctonus, sp. n., pictipennis, sp. n.) and the perspicax group (multidentatus, sp., n., notius, sp. n., odontophorus, sp. n., oligodous, sp. n., polyodous, sp. n., rhopalophorus, sp. n.). The origin and the synonymies of the cosmopolitan species perspicax (Knab) are briefly discussed, as well as the distribution of the Afrotropical species and the significance of the morphological characters of the terminalia for subgeneric systematics. The larval life history of C. (G.) perspicax is briefly discussed. The importance of the discovery of new predator-prey relations involving new species is pointed out.