Tozlu, E., Tekiner, N., Tozlu, G., Kotan, R., Çalmaşur, O., Göktürk, T., & Dadaşoğlu, F. 2020 The Investigation of the Biological Control of Icerya purchasi Maskell, 1878 (Hemiptera: Margarodidae) with Entomopathogenic Fungi and Bacteria. Alinteri Journal of Agriculture Sciences 35(1): 50-56


  • bacteria
  • biological control
  • entomopathogenic fungi
  • illustration
  • Notes: The present study investigated the biological control of the nymphs and adult I. purchasi, which densely populates the mimosa plants (Acacia dealbata) in Artvin, Turkey. For this purpose, one fungal isolate [Beauveria bassiana (ET 10)] and eight bacterial strains [Brevibacillus brevis (CP-1), Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kenyae (FDP-8, FDP-42), B. thuringiensis (FDP-1), B. sphaericus (FD-49), B. pumilus (TV-67C), Pseudomonas fluorescens (RK-1773) and B. atrophaeus (RK-1774)] were assessed against the nymphs and adult of I. purchasi under controlled conditions.