Tomkins, A.R., Wilson, D.J., Thomson, C., & Allison, P. 2000 Incidence of armoured scale insects on persimmons.. New Zealand Plant Protection 53: 211-215.

Notes: [The 53rd Conference Proceedings of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society held in Christchurch, 7-10 August 2000.] The incidence of armoured scale insects infesting persimmons (Diospyros kaki) grown in five districts (Whangarei (Northland), Pukekohe (South Auckland), Morrinsville (Waikato), Maketu (Bay of Plenty) and Gisborne (Poverty Bay)) was investigated over three growing seasons (1995/96, 1996/98). Three species of armoured scale insects were found on persimmon fruit; greedy scale (Hemiberlesia rapax), latania scale (H. lataniae) and oleander scale (Aspidiotus nerii). The species composition differed between districts, with latania scale the most common species recorded overall. Fruit were infested by the first and second generations of all three species. Latania scale infested a higher proportion of leaves than fruit.